New direction

I’ve decided on a new direction with my paintings. The idea is to place them into shapes contained within my cans and other bits of rubbish featured on my prints. It will be a much more graphic approach to tie both ideas together as currently it feels as if I have two projects on the go. Prints will feature large simple abstract shapes that will contain my paintings.

Image source: My designs have been placed on a model used in a collection by Marni

Paper to fabric

It has been a bit of a struggle trying to get my paintings onto silk, particularly because the reactive dye printer keeps packing up. However, today I’ve managed to get a few samples done (A3 size) to get an idea of scale. I’m really looking forward to getting these blown up to A1 or bigger. Stay tuned!

>>Watch my paintings being printed here!<<


A sample of one of my paintings onto Silk Satin

Cross Dyeing Devore

I’ve got a new obsession: cross dyeing devore. I’ve been trying so many different colour combinations with silk/viscose fabric. It’s been a bit of a challenge as some dyes don’t work, but some have worked amazingly! I’ll be making my favourites into samples next week so stay tuned!


Some samples of cross dyeing devore

Plastic sleeves for palettes


Whilst I’ve been painting my large A1 pieces, I’ve been using plastic sleeves for palettes. The result was layers of paint and transparent areas.

An exhibition at the V & A in 2012 inspired me to hang these sleeves and photograph them in a particular way. This exhibition (pictured below) was a collaboration of Fashion Designer, Jonathon Saunders and Artist, Jess Flood-Paddock.


thumbnail_collusion_saunders_paddockSource: Britain Creates (2012) Final work: ‘Life'[Online] Available from: Accessed 02/02/2017