Plastic sleeves for palettes



Whilst I’ve been painting my large A1 pieces, I’ve been using plastic sleeves for palettes. The result was layers of paint and transparent areas.

An exhibition at the V & A in 2012 inspired me to hang these sleeves and photograph them in a particular way. This exhibition (pictured below) was a collaboration of Fashion Designer, Jonathon Saunders and Artist, Jess Flood-Paddock.


thumbnail_collusion_saunders_paddockSource: Britain Creates (2012) Final work: ‘Life'[Online] Available from: Accessed 02/02/2017



A1 Screen Print of pan used in slums


Spent my morning in the studio today and got a few paintings done using an open screen and dyes. The outcome is always exciting because sometimes new marks can appear and spark off new ideas.


A few prints from today, using an open screen and dyes (A1)



Painting on the silk screen before transferring onto paper



An enlarged area of one of the prints

Starting Final Major Project: ‘Favela’


It’s already second term! I’ve been looking for inspiration for my final major project. And in wanting to keep to my strengths I’m looking at busy crowded areas. In particular, the daily life of living in slums. I’d like to find out more about what it’s like to live in this environment. I’ll be looking back at my visit to Mozambique at 16, and gaining inspiration from this.


A1 Acrylic on cartridge paper 

Pre Collection


Hand in day!

Finally finished my project ‘Recluse’. I really enjoyed this project and I can’t wait to get stuck into final major. I’ll most likely be using elements of this project to inspire me, particularly psychological aspects within society. Exploration of abstraction and expressive mark making will be a major part to my FMP, and I’ll be exploring new ways to manipulate my work and get it looking exciting on fabric.


ft. moodboard and a peek at my final samples