I tried out some stencilling today and really enjoyed it.This took alot of patience, as I realise that most of the time I do rush my work and tend to churn things out through expressively painting with quick marks.  It was out of my comfort zone, but so worth it and I’m really happy with the result.

I’ve just ordered some lino printing tools, so i’ll be giving that a go next week.



I tried out some more batik techniques today with indigo dye. I worked with fabric samples that I had already digitally printed on as well as some samples that I had tie dyed the night before. I made some additional samples just using white cotton, these are quite simple compared to my other designs but I like the delicacy to them.


Me with one of my larger samples from today

Some detail


I’ve been working on a few detailed drawings recently of crowded cities. I exposed one of these drawings on a screen today >>Click here to see this in action!<< so that I can begin to print onto fabrics that I have already experimented with. Tomorrow I’m going to be digitally printing some of my paintings and oil pastel pieces, I’m hoping to work over the top of these with drawings like this one.


New York City, Times Square

I’d like to also combine digital printing with batik dyes, I’ll be trying this out next week. Stay tuned!



Work in progress: ‘Lonely Cities’


I’m using my favourite kind of media for this project; the messy kind. I’m creating abstract interpretations of empty cities using oil pastels and acrylics. The collection will address the issues of mental health.

Artist’s that  I’ve used for inspiration include, Oznat Tzadok, Alex Hubbard and Clare Caulfield.


Using oil pastels and acrylic, A2. Julie Opperman and Robert Holyhead’s work feature



Inspired by German expressionism and Fashion designer Tanya Ling