The following prints have been designed by myself. Inspired by the natural forms and textures that are created by Britain’s southern coastline as well as objects and artefacts that can be found whilst exploring the beaches. From the weathered rock surfaces and moss covered walls to the textures of eroded shells upon being tossed amongst the sea bed.

I have used a range of tools and techniques to try and reflect these elements, some more prominent then others. At first glance, it may not be obvious what a design is depicting, meaning the viewer can interpret their own story or meaning behind the design.


beach huts

This print is based on the old wooden beach huts along Britain’s southern coastline that have started to erode over time. The texture depicted in the background suggests the spray of sea water when a large wave hits the shore.
Techniques; lino printing, mark making with sponge, and CAD design.

beach huts on dress

full bloom

This print is based on the Bulbous Buttercup that can be seen along Britain’s southern coastline. The textural look to the petals suggests they have been battered and worn out having been splashed by salt water and hit by the cold sea air.
Techniques; lino printing, mark making, and CAD design.

large floral heads navy dress

sea kissed floral

This print is also inspired by the flowers that grown along the coast. The textured marks represent salt and debris dancing with the plants.
Techniques; wax drawing, ink painting, pen, and CAD design.

yellow floral sea kissed dress

shell crevices

This print is based on the crevices in clam shells, it could also depicts the idea of fishes swimming amongst seaweed.
Techniques; Mark making with sponge and brush, Ink drawing, CAD design

fish on baggy tshirt

textured stones

This print is based on pebbles that have been eroded and marked by the sea.
Techniques; wax drawing, ink drawing, and CAD design.

tossed shells

This print depicts a busy seabed filled with battered and eroded shells, as well as other material such as coral and pebbles.
Techniques; ink painting, mark making with brush, block printing, and CAD design.

shells geo navy dress

amongst the waves

This print is based on shells dancing in the waves and being washed ashore, creating marks in the sand.
Techniques; ink painting, mark making with brush, and CAD design.

yellow shells dress

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